Grupo Persona is an organization focused on talent development. Our intervention in any business increases engagement, efficiency and happiness. We are organized in three business units:

  • Ars Outplacement is the leading Executive Outplacement company in Spain. Its tailor-made solutions are focused on supporting those employees who need to leave to find a new way in the productive sector. Our approach takes care of the technical skills needed to succeed and also the strong emotions that are generated during these times in those who go and those who stay. Our programs frequently include elements like coaching, mentoring or personal brand sessions.
  • Persona Metaplacement is focused on catalyzing the professional evolution of individuals and team within transformation processes. We help our clients make the mindset shift and culture change needed by their business to stay on top of their game. Our approach is holistic, happier people make efficient people.
  • Innopersona is our business focused on developing people analytics technologies to provide a more objective approach to understand what is happening in an organization shifting moods to boost employee engagement in a more effective way. Feelsphere is one of our most recent developments, a mobile app to track individual and teams moods, opinions and engagement all year long.

All our BUs are formed by highly experienced staff, most of our people are in the range of 10 to 20 years’ experience in their sectors of expertise. This makes our company recognizable by the quality of its services and for being a truely innovative business partner.

In our continuous quest for excellence, we have developed a large business network, including top business schools, professional associations or even business angels.

Our motto fully describes us: “Reason and Passion to serve people

• Outplacement services
• Leadership development, coaching, mentoring, shadowing
• Change management

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