Our partner in Denmark is the consultancy house ballisager. They are a nationwide, medium-sized HR company with offices in 13 cities around Denmark and they have the advantage of being specialists in both outplacement, career counselling and recruitment. Since they work on “both sides of the table”, they know exactly how to match candidates with the needs of the Danish companies.

But ballisager differentiates itself from other career consultancy houses on numerous other points:

  • First of all, their advice is based on knowledge. For example, ballisager conducts a yearly Recruitment Analysis, where they ask 2.000 companies, how they actually recruit new employees in their company. Thus, ballisagers counselling is based on actual knowledge instead of presumptions and gut feelings.
  • Einstein already said it: Nothing happens, until something moves. Ballisager also believes that actions are more instructive and effective than words. Good intentions should never overshadow concrete actions.
  • Ballisager has a company culture based on a constant urge to improve and perfectionise what they do. Instead of saying “we’re good at what we do”, they tell themselves that they may always get better at their job. It has actually become a habit more than just a mantra.

Ballisagers Business Areas:

  • Outplacement: Ballisager has helped several of the country's largest companies with outplacement and transition tasks (individual processes and larger layoffs) - both in terms of management of terminations, and helping terminated employees to proceed in their career.
  • Recruitment: We help companies recruit managers and specialists across the country - both within Search & Selection. The business area has been steadily increasing in recent years and is currently being carried out by consultants, who together have more than 2,000 recruitment processes behind them.
  • Career Advice: Since 2008, ballisager has helped over 60 different jobcenters in the 98 municipalities of the country with Career counselling. The result? More than 12.000 unemployed jobseekers – primarily jobseekers with a higher education - have over the years gotten a job while being counselled by ballisager.


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